VH-UIT      Simmonds Spartan                       (c/n  3)


                                           This nice profile shot of a Simmonds Spartan comes from The A J Jackson Collection at
                                           Brooklands Museum, whilst the image below is from the CAHS archives. .  This aircraft
                                           had originally been exported to New Zealand as ZK-AAP, where, inexplicably, its c/n was
                                           given as 8.  It did not stay in New Zealand long as it was shown as being owned (registered
                                           G-AUIT) by R. Bryce & Co Pty Ltd of Melbourne as early as February of 1929.   It had
                                           been re-registered VH-UIT by the end of August of 1930.       It enjoyed several different
                                           owners throughout the 1930s finally winding up with Eddie Connellan in 1938.  VH-UIT was
                                           written off in a take off crash at Balranald, NSW on 7 Jan 1939.