VH-WKK  Cessna 175B Skylark                                   (c/n 17457002)


                                      I'm glad that the phobia for minuscule registrations did not last long in Australia.  Here is -WKK,
                                      barely identifiable at Jandakot in May 1971 in this shot from the Geoff Goodall collection. It first
                                      came onto the register a decade earlier in September 1961 as VH-WKI for Elsa Transports of
                                      Perth.      When traded in to Hawker de Havillands in September1967 (presumably on a Beech
                                      product) it was re-registered VH-WKK.  It went on to a succession of WA owners before being
                                      cancelled from the register in November 1994.