VH-WFL  Piper PA-24-250 Comanche                (c/n  24-2772)


                                       A Geoff Goodall shot of VH-WFL at Adelaide Airport in May 1965 while the aircraft was registered
                                       to a Wagga, NSW based private owner.   A 1961 model it was previously N7563P and imported
                                       originally as VH-PAY.   It was sold to Murchison Air Charter of Perth in January 1967 and re-regist-
                                       ered VH-RTI.   In the background of the shot above is a British Eagle Britannia on the weekly courier
                                       service from the UK to the Woomera Rocket Range and Adelaide Airport where Jindivik pilot drones
                                       were loaded.  On the extreme right a couple of Airlines of SA Convair 440s can be seen.  As VH-RTI
                                       this Comanche had many owners after MAC and is currently owned by an Albury, NSW company.