VH-WEJ (1)  Miles M.65 Gemini 1A                 (c/n  6522)


                                      Two shots of VH-WEJ from the Ben Dannecker collection (via Geoff Goodall). Above it is seen
                                      at Cootamundra, NSW and below at Newcastle's Broadmeadows Aerodrome both in 1957 whilst
                                      owned by W. E. James Aircraft Charter Service of Bankstown.   Both images show it soon after
                                      it was re-engined by Wally James with two 130 hp Lycoming 0-290-3/1 four cylinder power plants.
                                      He named it the 'Miles Lycoming' and offered the conversion to other Gemini owners, claiming a
                                      much improved performance.  In the event this remained the sole Australian conversion.  James later
                                      replaced it with an early Piper Aztec, and the Gemini was re-registered VH-WEK and soon after-
                                      wards VH-BOB.    It was originally built in 1948 as G-AKHU, being exported to Australia in Oct-
                                      ober 1950 as VH-BMV.   It became VH-WEJ in November 1956.   It was withdrawn from use
                                      (as VH-BOB) in 1963 following the DCA decree that wood bonded aeroplanes would not longer
                                      have their CofAs renewed due deterioration in the strength of glued joints.