VH-WEB  Ryan STM                               (c/n  454)

                                    This Ryan was S-18 with the Netherlands East Indies Navy.   In 1942 it was taken on strength in
                                    the RAAF as A50-27.  It was civilianized in April 1946 as VH-AGU.  It was withdrawn from use
                                    in 1951 and then restored in June of 1957 as VH-WEB. The photo above is from the Geoff Goodall
                                    collection.   Date and venue unknown.  This aircraft crashed at Taree, NSW on 6 April 1961, and
                                    the pilot/owner was killed.  The passenger, Harvey Else an aero club instructor, was badly injured.
                                    The small image at the foot of the page was supplied by Harvey.   The remains of VH-WEB are, I
                                    believe, in storage at Tyabb, Victoria.