VH-UYQ  Auster J/8L Aiglet Trainer               (c/n  3151)


                                           This Auster was built as G-AMYI, the one and only J/5K with a Blackburn Cirrus Major 3
                                           engine.   When re-engined in the 1970s with a de Havilland Gipsy Major 1 it became the J/8L.
                                           It was exported to Australia in 1977 becoming VH-UYQ .  Geoff Goodall's shot above was
                                           taken at St. Arnaud, Victoria in November 1983.  The aircraft, at that time, was displayed in
                                           pseudo Pakistan Air Force livery.   A long period of inacitivty followed, but the machine has
                                           now (early 2008) resurfaced as VH-RIE.