VH-UNK  DHA-3 Drover 3B                             (c/n   5019)

                                           This was the former RFDS' VH-FDA, which began life as a Drover Mk.2 in July 1956, before
                                           being upgraded to Mk.3, Mk.3A and Mk.3B status.  It is seen above in this nice shot by Norm
                                           Weeding (via Geoff Goodall) at Bankstown in December 1967.        It was traded in on a new
                                           Beagle 206 and re-registered VH-UNK on 7 September 1967 to Beagle Aircraft Sales (Aust-
                                           ralasia) Pty Ltd which was an associate of Airfast in Sydney.       The Drover was on-sold two
                                           months later by Hazair Sales & Service of Orange NSW and re-registered VH-UMA on 10
                                           November 1967.       However it remained parked at Bankstown in full RFDS green & white
                                           scheme with name "The Inlander" as VH-UNK and by April 1968 it had flown to Orange,
                                           still wearing the rego VH-UNK!     At Orange it was repainted into a Piper Aztec style paint
                                           scheme, Jim Hazelton at that time specialising in importing Piper twins for resale.   Later in its
                                           career (1970) it went to New Zealand as ZK-DDD, returning to Australia in 1988 as VH-FBC. 
                                           It now reposes in the Powerthouse Museum in Sydney.