VH-UEK  DHC-1 Chipmunk T.10                           (c/n C1/0039)


                                      Here's a nice action shot by Trevor Shepherd (via the SAAM) of a Chipmunk at an airshow at
                                      Port Lincoln, SA in 1961.  The aircraft was owned by Aviation Services (SA) Ltd . The hangar
                                      photo below was taken by Geoff Goodall (in the same spot as the image of VH-BSP).   On 28
                                      January 1963 this aircraft, piloted by 36 year-old W. Schramm was low flying over a group of
                                      folks on a beach at Second Creek near Tumby Bay, SA when the aircraft's wingtip struck the
                                      water during a turn to go back over the group.  It then overturned on a sandbar killing the pilot
                                      and injuring his passenger.   It was conjectured, at the time, that this event also led to the loss of
                                      the afore-mentioned VH-BSP, ultimately leading to the cessation of country flying training by
                                      Aviation Services.  The remains of VH-UEK are currently on display as a "distressed exhibit"
                                      at the S.A. Air Museum in Adelaide.