VH-UEA  Auster J/5F Aiglet Trainer                           (c/n  2732)


                                        These two Geoff Goodall shots show this Auster going from the sublime (well, really gaudy, above)
                                        when owned by a Perth physician, to the ridiculous (I mean, I've seen PLAIN before, but.....) below. 
                                        Six years separate these images, although they were both taken at Perth's Jandakot Airport.  Top
                                        was in February 1970 and bottom in October 1976.   VH-UEA was the former VH-BWJ.   It was
                                        struck from the register in 1979, but resurrected in 1998 as VH-JNT prior to a possible restoration
                                        by Jonathon Collins of Conder, in the ACT.  Its registration was again cancelled in 2002, but is possibly
                                        still a candidate for a rebuild.