VH-UAS  Beech 23 Musketeer                                       (c/n  M-158)

                                   A minimum change from VH-GAS (for Porta-Gas), VH-UAS was registered in March 1966.
                                   By 1970 it was based at Fogarty’s Field, near Melbourne.   It came to grief taking off from a
                                   strip near Gunbower on November 22, 1970, to return to base   It never reached a safe flying
                                   speed and came down in a swamp.   It was not removed from the register until September 1976,
                                   when it was withdrawn from use.   It is not known if this was due to the 1970 accident or not.
                                   Anyway,   –UAS returned to register in December 1981 and was photographed by David
                                   Carter at Essendon on February 23, 1983.     On May 5, 1990, the Musketeer suffered yet
                                   another accident when an attempted go-around at Bendigo went wrong and it tore off an
                                   undercarriage leg.  It recovered again but on December 17, 1991 it crashed into the sea off
                                   Port Addis, Victoria killing all on board.  The plane was flying from King Island to Moorabbin.