VH-GAS  (2)  Beech 23 Musketeer                  (c/n  M158)


                                     VH-GAS was imported new in April 1963 and registered to Thermal Traders Pty Ltd, trading as
                                     Porta-Gas P/L of Sydney.  Greg Banfield's shot above was taken at Archerfield in February 1964.
                                     Greg indicates it was painted in a white, red and black scheme. It did a lot of flying between country
                                     towns in NSW in the early 1960s.  The Musketeer was re-registered VH-UAS in 1966 when Porta
                                     Gas acquired a Comanche 260 (24-4279) with which to replace it.  The speedier Comanche then
                                     became VH-GAS.     As VH-UAS, c/n M158 crashed into sea off Port Addis Victoria on 17
                                     December 1991.