VH-UAL (2)   Cessna 310                                            (c/n  35537)


                                   A very undistinguished shot taken at Essendon in June 1957.  John Hopton's photo (below) taken at
                                   the same venue, some three months later, is better.   This 310 was owned, at the time, by Utah Mining
                                   Australia (part of the BHG Group) and had been imported from New Zealand where it had been regis-
                                   tered ZK-BSY.  Its original US registration was N5337A.  It later went to the CSIRO as VH-PRC
                                   and was used in rain-making experiments.  It was re-registered VH-AER in 1960, and was a participant
                                   in the 1964 R.M. Ansett Brisbane to Adelaide Air Race.