VH-TTM  Cessna 310B                                 (c/n  35654)


                                       Somewhere, in my entries, I make reference to the fact that the Cessna 310 was one of the more
                                       difficult machines to photograph and "get it right" due to those huge great wing tip tanks.  Having
                                       said that, Bob Neate did a pretty good job with this one in a dead side view at Wagga, NSW in
                                       1965 (image courtesy of the Geoff Goodall collection).  The photo was taken just after the Cessna
                                       had been Masling's Aircraft Sales & Service of Cootamundra and re-registered, ex VH-CYO(2),
                                       in December 1964.  Inn fact, this 310 had had a long pedigree before that, having been previously
                                       registered VH-RSY,  VH-REI, ZK-REX,VH-REX, ZK-REX and N5454A.  Geoff's own shot
                                       (below) shows -TTM at Moorabbin in November 1967 while in use on rain-making contracts by
                                       Jack Masling's associated company, Masling Aviation of Cootamundra.    The silver iodide burner
                                       can be seen under the wing.   In July 1976 it went to Papua New Guinea and was registered in that
                                       (by then) independent nation as P2-TTM.        A decade later (Feb 1985) it was restored to the
                                      Australian register as VH-TTM and was withdrawn from use at Bankstown in June of 1987.