VH-TTH  Auster J-5G/A1  Autocar               (c/n  3097)


                                     This Autocar has been modified so much it is hardly recognizable as an Auster.  It is seen above
                                     at Bankstown in August 1971 in this shot by Greg Banfield, and in the B&W one below, on the
                                     banks of the Georges River adjacent to that airport, at about the same time.   It had been rebuilt
                                     from the former Bush Pilots Airways Auster J-5B Autocar VH-BPB (c/n 3097) which was retired
                                     in 1961, and re-registered VH-TTH to Sydney fish spotter floatplane operator Tom Harrison on
                                     10 December 1971, with the new type designation Auster J-5G/A1.     It was, unfortunately, short-
                                     lived, crashing on takeoff from the harbour at the fishing port of Ulladula, NSW on 3 January 1973.
                                     It overturned and sank.