VH-TSG  de Havilland D.H.82A Tiger Moth                      (c/n  DHC78)


                                     This Tiger was the former VH-RAW (1).   It is one of those Tigers whose true provenance has
                                     evaded all attempts to identify positively, and, despite its quoted c/n is almost certainly not a
                                     Canadian machine..   (Incidentally there is now registered another, ex New Zealand, Tiger bearing
                                     the rego VH-RAW).    Anyway, this one was re-registered in 1965 and was an ex Robbys Air
                                     Service aircraft which had been dismantled by that Parafield-based agricultural aviation firm and
                                     acquired by Trojan Aerial Spraying who may, or may not, have used it as an active ag machine.
                                     Whatever, -TSW had many other owners in the 1960s including a return to Trojan as a two-seater.
                                     For a while in the 1970s it had non standard windscreens as seen in the photo above by Greg
                                     Banfield taken at an air show at Camden, NSW on 1 October 1978.   Geoff Goodall advises that
                                     the lady's head emblem and name 'Lovely' were the logo of the Pancake Parlour chain of restaurants
                                     owned by entrepreneur Roger Meadmore, who also flew a hot air balloon over Sydney for publicity
                                     purposes.  This balloon also carried the name 'Lovely'.  The restaurants are, I believe, still going
                                     strong today, certainly in Sydney and Melbourne.  Ben Denneckers photo immediately below shows
                                     -TSG over Surfers Paradise Gardens airstrip in December 1991 whilst owned by Bruce McGarvie
                                     for his joy riding endeavor.  (Ben was a pilot for this operation).      VH-TSG is currently privately
                                     owned in Queensland, and the shot below, by Ian McDonell, was taken at a private field near
                                     Oxenford, Qld in November 2011..