VH-RAW (1)  de Havilland D.H.82A Tiger Moth            (c/n DHC78)


                                  VH-RAW was one of those Tigers whose true provenance has always been questionable. It was
                                  registered to Robbys Aircraft Co of Parafield on 4 October 1957 with the c/n DHC78.  However,
                                  so far as can be ascertained it had no Canadian connection.   Geoff Goodall took these two shots
                                  in the hangar at Parafield in 1963..   In the lower one the poor old girl looked decidedly seedy after
                                  several years of hard agricultural work.   In 1965 it went to Trojan Aerial Spraying at Parafield and
                                  was re-registered VH-TSG.      It was acquired by Trojan after being retired and dismantled by
                                  Robbys.  There was some shuffling of aggie Tiger ownership at the time because DCA required
                                  each agricultural spraying/top dressing company to retire a third of their D.H.82s each year running
                                  up to 1966 - so some ag companies bought dismantled Tigers just to increase their fleet size on
                                  paper, so that they could keep their operational Tigers in service to the end.    It is possible that
                                  Trojan's registered this machine just for that purpose.