VH-TAC (1)  Douglas DC-4-1009                                         (c/n  43067)

                                     This, the first VH-TAC ('John Forrest')  was only with the airline for 18 months in 1946-48
                                     and was then leased to BCPA as VH-BPA 'Adventure'.    At the end of the lease it did not
                                     return to TAA, but was sold to Qantas as 'Hong Kong Trader' registered VH-EBL
                                     Consequently, photographs of it in TAA are livery are rare, and I am indebted to Barrie
                                     Colledge for this image of it, scratchy though it may be.  Note the early rendition of the
                                     airline titles (the script style was not adopted until about 1948).  Ansett-ANA purchased
                                     it in 1961 when it became VH-INY.