VH-SSV (2)  Edgar Percival EP-9                        (c/n 28)


                                    A nice shot of the EP-9 VH-SSV in its original Super Spread livery of medium and pale green,
                                    red and dayglo orange, taken by Richard Hourigan at Moorabbin in September 1962.  This air-
                                    craft was first registered with the B-class registration G-23-7 before going onto the U.K. register
                                    as G-APBR.  Exported to Australia in September 1957 it was slated to become VH-SSC but
                                    appears to have assumed the identity seen above instead upon arrival.   It later became VH-DAI
                                    and then underwent a restoration, reappearing as VH-EPN, an identity it still flies under today.