VH-DAI  Edgar Percival EP-9                                          (c/n  28)

                                        First flown in mid 1957 with the UK Class B registration G-43-7, this aircraft was allocated the
                                        registration G-APBR,.  It was exported to Australia in 1957 becoming VH-SSV (originally to
                                        have been VH-SSC).   The EP-9 was designed by Australian-born Edgar Percival as a general
                                        utility aircraft.   It was well suited to the crop dusting/spraying role.  Super Spread sold VH-SSV
                                        to Doggett Aviation of Perth in 1962, and they had it re-registered into their block as VH-DAI.
                                    .   Alistair Coutts took the above shot of it in its original Doggett livery at York, WA on New Year's
                                        Day 1964.  It later received a slightly modified color scheme as seen in the shot immediately below
                                        taken by Merv Prime at Jandakot in September 1966,   Following that is an image by Geoff Goodall
                                        showing -DAI at Tintinara, SA in January 1967 and still wearing basic Doggett markings, although
                                        owned at the time by Tim O'Neill, dba TonAir.   Finally, at the foot of the page is a shot by Danny
                                        Tanner at Parafield in December 1970 showing it in the titling of Airesearch Exploration.   VH-DAI
                                        went to the Drage Airworld collection at Wodonga (close to Albury) when withdrawn from active
                                        duty in the early 1970s, although was restored as VH-EPN in 1998.