VH-SSR  Lancashire EP- 9  Prospector                                      (c/n  46)


                                       Percival Aircraft gave the manufacturing rights of the EP-9 to Lancashire Aircraft in 1958
                                       and VH-SSR was one of the aircraft produced by that concern.  It is, therefore, correctly
                                       known as a Lancashire Prospector.     Richard Hourigan's photo (above) shows it at Moor-
                                       abbin in June 1962 wearing the original color scheme used on Super Spread Aviation's
                                       EP-9s of medium and pale green, red and dayglo orange.  This aircraft had been assembled
                                       in March of that year by Super Spread from the Prospector fuselage and undercarriage of
                                       c/n 46 with the wings, tailplane and other parts from the crashed  VH-SSW (c/n 32).   By
                                       the time Rod Adam took the shot (immediately below) at Parafield some nine months later
                                       it had been repainted in a new allover white scheme.  At the foot of  the page is a photo by
                                       Neil Follett taken at West Sale in March 1964 of -SSR while owned by Farm Air of Tinamba
                                       in the Gippsland region of Victoria.  Paint scheme was red and white.  Shortly after this it was
                                       sold to Doggett Aviation as VH-DAV