VH-SSQ (2)  Cessna 180                                             (c/n  30612)


This early (1953) 180 (ex N2312C) was first imported into New Zealand as ZK-BEG
                                          as an agricultural aircraft.           Super Spread of Moorabbin acquired it in 1963 where
                                          Geoff Goodall took the below shot in May of that year.  After the take over by Aerial
                                          Agricultural, the Cessna was seconded  to Robbys at Parafield and in Geoff's (nicer)
                                          image of it above it is seen at that airport in June of 1964.    In 1967 it was reregistered
                                          VH-CDW(2)    As such it was damaged beyond repair at Rockhampton in 1976.