VH-CDW  Cessna 180 Skywagon                                                  (c/n 30612)

                                   Three shots of the same Cessna 180 by Geoff Goodall.   Interesting in that its livery got progressively
                                   better as the years went on!    -CDW was an early 180 originally built as N2312C. A crop duster, it
                                   went to New Zealand as ZK-BEG before crossing the Tasman Sea to join Super Spread's fleet as
                                   VH-SSQ        It later went to Robbys and in the photo above, taken at Tintinara, SA in September
                                   1966 it was a duster/spreader with Coondair Pty Ltd, a local ag operator, who acquired it in October
                                   of the prior year.  In January 1967 they had it re-registered into their into their VH-CD block.  In the
                                   photo immediately below it is seen at Northam, WA in May 1970, by now cleaned up as a 4 seater and
                                   owned by GRD Co, a Sydney outfit supporting an aerial survey operation in the area along with their
                                   BN-2A Islanders.  Finally, at the bottom of the page is a shot of -CDW at Jandakot in February 1971
                                   sporting full GRD colors.    This old bird was finally cancelled from the register in November 1994.