VH-SMH  (2)   DHC-2 Beaver                                    (c/n  646)


                                   This was formerly Qantas' VH-EAU.  It was sold to the Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric
                                    Authority in 1958 as VH-SMB.   When that body purchased a Pilatus PC-6B Porter that
                                    newer, more prestigious machine, received the -B rego and the Beaver was re-registered
                                    VH-SMH.   It was sold to Aerial Agriculture in the mid 1960s as seen in the image above
                                    by Greg Banfield at Hoxton Park, NSW in 1969.  John Wheatley took a color shot of it
                                    at about the same time (below)..    Like many Beavers, it returned to the land of its birth
                                    and by 1973 was flying as CF-TCW for North Canada Air Ltd.      It is still current and
                                    operating out of Richmond, B.C.   The shot of it at the foot of the page as C-FTCW was
                                    taken at Vancouver in May of 1983 and is from the Tony Arbon collection.