VH-SAS  (2)    Percival P.44 Proctor 5                        (c/n  Ae.2)


                                  There were two different airframes which carried the registration VH-SAS.  The first was
                                  the Proctor 5 built in 1946 c/n Ae.99 formerly G-AIER and which became VH-AAH in
                                  April 1952.   Upon being exported to Australia it was given the registration VH-SAS for
                                  Sabre Air Snaps in September 1953.    This machine crashed on Mordialloc Beach, Vic
                                  on 10 October 1954, and the wreckage was removed to Moorabbin.  The Proctor was
                                  rebuilt in 1955 using the fuselage from VH-ARV which had crashed at Campania, Tasmania
                                  on 11 July 1954, the remains of which were transported from Hobart to Melbourne via
                                  ANA Bristl 170.     The 'new' VH-SAS arose, phoenix-like from the ashes (or rather the
                                  soggy remains) of c/n Ae.99 and the fuselage of c/n Ae.2 in July 1955 when my shot above
                                  was taken at Moorabbin.  .Note 'Sabre Air Snaps' on fin.  It was struck off the register in
                                  February 1960 as being 'scrapped'.   Incidently, the '54 Volkswagen beyond the fence was
                                  mine.  (Victoria licence plate GFK298 if anyone's interested.)