VH-RZY  Cessna 401A                              (c/n 401A-0124)


                                     The Cessna 401 was basically a model 411 with a broader tail and lower TOGW.  It had a six
                                     seat executive interior and was powered by two 300 hp Continental TSIO-520-E engines which
                                     were set further out on the wings than the 411's.   Most numerous sub-variant was the Model 402B
                                     Utililiner/Businessliner.  This 401A was photographed at Bankstown in November 1976 by Greg
                                     Banfield and was owned by Donald Crone Associates (Pty) Ltd at the time.  It had two prior US
                                     identities:  N7824Q and N3149K before that.   It just creeps into my time window for inclusion in
                                     this collection, being first registered in April 1970.   It was re-registered VH-ARI in 2007 and is
                                     now privately owned in Noosaville, Qld.