VH-RSM (2 and 4)     DHC-1 Chipmunk T.10                 (c/n  C1-0245)


                                    This Chipmunk has been VH-RSM twice in its career.  Formerly WB710 with the RAF, it was
                                    civilianzed in Ireland in 1956 as EI-AJB.  In 1958 it was exported to Australia for the Royal Aero
                                    Club of NSW and became VH-RSM.  It was at Pokolbin, NSW in 1962 in the above photograph
                                    by Darryl Connell (via the Geoff Goodall collection).   When the club sold it off in 1962 it went to
                                    J.N. Tulley who re-registered it in his wife's initials as VH-WMT.   In 1966 it was again re-regis-
                                    tered as VH-WMG and remained that way for twenty years.   In 1987 it changed hands again and
                                    reverted to its original Australian registration of VH-RSM (although not with the RACNSW).  Phil
                                    Vabre took the contemporary photo below at  AAAA Fly-In at Narrandera in April 2006.