VH-RSF  (1)   Victa Airtourer 115                           (c/n  28)


                                         Presumably Schweppes were the sponsor for this Airtourer in the 1964 R.M. Ansett Air Race.
                                         Seems a shame to doll up this diminutive little craft with such gaudy advertising.  When Geoff
                                         Goodall took this shot at Parafield after the race in March 1964 it was owned by the Royal
                                         Aero Club of NSW.   After its days with the club it became VH-CMF and later VH-KWH.
                                         It is no longer currently registered but is reputed to be in the process of rebuild.   Seen below
                                         is a Greg Banfield shot of -RSF when it was brand new, having just rolled out of the Victa
                                         factory, taken on 21 December 1963.  Paint scheme was white with two-tone green and, of
                                         course, the ubiquitous day-glo red extremities.  The RACNSW's wings had just been applied.