VH-RPN  Piper PA-22 Tri-Pacer 160 Float         (c/n  22-5791)


                                The two shots here of this Tri-Pacer on floats here are both via the Geoff Goodall collection.  The
                                color slide above was taken by Roger McDonald, circa 1969, at Karumba, Qld where floatplanes
                                were used for years as spotters for the fishing and prawnboat fleets.  Below it is seen at about the
                                same time frame at the St. Georges River floatplane base adjacent to Bankstown Airport    At the
                                foot of the page is a photograph by Bob Neate of -RPN taken at Canberra in March 1963 when
                                it was a conventional landplane with fully spatted undercarriage.   The aircraft later reverted to tail
                                dragger landplane configuration and was re-registered VH-MBT in March 2000 to Bob Tait's
                                Aviation Theory School of Brisbane, who are the current owners.