VH-MBT  Piper PA-20/22 Pacer-160                        (c/n  22-5791)


                                      Built as a conventional PA-22, this Tri-Pacer has been converted to tail dragger standard.  I
                                      have, therefore, compromised on my model designation somewhat above (seems silly to call it
                                      a Tri-Pacer when it isn't a Tri-).   Originally registered VH-RPN it spent some time on floats.
                                      As a floatplane, of course, a PA-22 is indistinguishable from a PA-20.   Ian McDonell took
                                      the above shot in August 2008, showing it looking very trim and clean at an its home base at
                                      Redcliff, Qld where it is operated by Bob Tait's Aviation Theory School .