VH-RLI   Cessna 210                                          (c/n  57387)


                                     Two shots of this early 210 by Geoff Goodall.  Above, in pristine condition at Jandakot in March
                                     1970, and below, in December 1972 looking decidedly forlorn following a forced landing on that
                                     airport due to fuel exhaustion.     .A second-hand import, it was originally the Royal Aero Club of
                                     WA's  VH-RWP and re-registered -RLI when sold to Ray Letts of Geraldton, WA in February 1965.
                                     After surviving several accidents, including the one below, it went on to several owners and was
                                     struck-off the register on 12 May 1986 while with Heli-Muster Pty Ltd in NT who used it to ferry
                                     pilots between its cattle mustering helicopters working on remote cattle properties.