VH-REH (1)    Reims/Cessna FR172 Reims Rocket       (c/n  FR172-0024)


                                    The dating of this photograph, from the Geoff Goodall collection, taken at Perth's Jandakot
                                    Airport is given as 22 December 1969.    However, by that time this aircraft had been re-
                                    registered VH-REF (q.v.)    The aircraft arrived in WA from Rex Aviation sometime after
                                    it was first registered on 27 June 1968 and appears, at that time, still to have been painted
                                    up as VH-REH.  Certainly it was entered into the October 1968 Weekend News Air Trial
                                    from Jandakot to Carnarvon as such.  Sightings of it following that, however, reveal that it
                                    was repainted (or at least using the call-sign of) VH-REF.   The circumstance of it appearing
                                    somewhat later on as VH-REH again are unexplained.