VH-RAY  DHC-2 Beaver 1                                             (c/n 1060)


                                    This aircraft was an early Beaver import and was first registered in 1957 as VH-DHG.    In 1960
                                    it was acquired by Robby's and is seen above in this Geoff Goodall image at Adelaide Airport in
                                    March 1965 in the horrible early Robby's livery sans possessive comma.   A year later Geoff saw
                                    it again (below) at Parafield with much more pleasing titling.   When Aerial Agriculture took over
                                    Robby's, VH-RAY was absorbed into that outfit's fleet as seen in the Lenn Bayliss shot at the
                                    foot of the page.  Early in the new millennium it went to a private owner in Alaska as N912RC
                                    although by 2001 it was back in the land of its birth as C-FJEF where it is still remains active.