VH-DHG (1)   DHC-2  Beaver 1                      (c/n  1060)


                                  This Beaver was imported in 1957 and registered in the 'de Havilland of Australia' series. I took
                                  this shot at Moorabbin in the same year.  It later went to Tasmania and, as the image below from
                                  the State Library of Tasmania collection, taken at Hobart's Cambridge Airport shows, it was fitted
                                  with twin floats.   Subsequently, the Beaver led a rather colorful life, being re-registered VH-RAY
                                  in 1960.  After spending time in the aerial spraying business it was exported to Alaska in 2000.
                                  It wound up in Canada and is still extant, wearing a pair of floats.  A nice pictorial history of it can
                                  be found at: