VH-RAS (1)   Avro 652A Anson 1                     (c/n  unknown)


                                       Since I never visited Adelaide's Parafield Airport, the only representative type I had of a Robby's
                                       Aerial Services machine until Geoff Goodall filled the gap in 2006/2007 was of this Anson which
                                       came into Melbourne's Essendon Airport one day in 1954 .  VH-RAS was the former RAF/RAAF
                                       W1532  and was originally civilianized in 1950 as VH-BOI.   It didn't stay that way for long and was
                                       re-registered VH-DJB at the end of that year. When Robby's acquired it 1952 it was re-registered
                                       again, this time as VH-RAS.   In 1961 it was sold to Bill Dobson of Melbourne, who re-registered
                                       it as VH-DOB, but, in the event, he never took delivery of it and it languished in the back of Robby's
                                       hangar until 1963 when it was dragged over to the fire practice ground and eventually destroyed.