VH-PMS  Cessna 210                                    (c/n  57518)


                                               When the Bush Church Aid Society traded in VH-FMS in August 1966 it became VH-PMS
                                               with a slight touch of the paint brush.  It is seen above at Ballidu, WA in December 1969 while
                                               owned by Dr. Neville Corbet.  (Photo from the Geoff Goodall collection).  Dr. Corbett was a
                                               dentist with practices in several WA country towns and used the 210 with which to do his regular
                                               rounds.   -PMS went to PNG in 1979 as P2-TJS and was reregistered in 1993 as P2-TDS.
                                               It came back to Oz in September 1997 as VH-TDP, and was finally withdrawn from use in 2015.