VH-PAP   Piaggio P.166                                   (c/n  357)


                                  Rare image from the Maurice Austin collection of the first Piaggio P.166 to arrive in Australia.  This
                                  shot was taken at Cairns in October 1959 shortly before the aircraft was delivered to Papuan Air
                                  Transport Pty Ltd in Port Moresby.    Pior to that it was flown out from Italy by Chief Pilot Henk
                                  van Santen and demostrated throughout Australia by the Bristol Aeroplane Co (Australia) Pty. Ltd,
                                  the Piaggio agents, to several airlines including Connair, Ansett-ANA, East-West, Queensland Airlines
                                  and also the Commonwealth Government.  With Patair it was named 'Mount Yule'.  VH-PAP was re-
                                  registered VH-PNC in July of 1961.   Its remains are currently with the Australian Aviation Museum a
                                 at Bankstown.