VH-ORI    Beech 60 Duke                                   (c/n  P-45)


                                   This was formerly VH-ILI (ex N7648N). and later VH-NYI.  It wasn't until 1999 that it became
                                   VH-ORI, following a restoration.  In Ian McDonell's shot above taken at Caboolture, Queensland
                                   the photographic angle shows well the the pronounced pointed snout of the Duke. .  Sadly on the
                                   night of 3 May 2012 this Duke was extensively damaged by vandals at Caboolture Airport (see
                                   Ian's picture below)  .  I am told the damage was so severe that the aircraft may have to be written
                                   off.   Also, unfortunately, in today's society, even if caught the miscreants would probably only get
                                   a slap on the wrist.  Maybe a more appropriate punishment would be to strip them of all assets and
                                   ship 'em to England, as kind of a reverse Transportation!       On second thoughts, THAT wouldn't
                                   work, since the Pom government would GIVE them a flat and food and medical care FREE (not
                                   being U.K. citizens, who themselves certainly can not get such treatment).  Such is our PC today!