VH-MWQ  Douglas DC-3CS1C3G                       (c/n 9593)


                                   VH-MWQ was the former P2-ANS, P2-MMA, VH-MMA, and 42-23731.   It was added to
                                   the Register as VH-MWQ on 18 June 1976 in the name of Masling Commuter Services Pty Ltd,
                                   of Cootamundra, NSW.  It is seen at that venue in March 1979 in the above shot by Greg Banfield.
                                   This old DC-3 was sold in September of that year to 
Setair Pty Ltd, of Melbourne, and yet again
                                   on 28 July 1983 to Air North Pty Ltd, of Winnellie, NT.  Danny Tanner's shot below shows it at
                                   Essendon in April 1982 in  Setair livery.     A couple of months later (in
November 1983), in a
                                   rather unprecedented (although not totally unknown) move, the rego was changed back to
                                   VH-MMA.    Masling had requested a new identity since MacRobertson Miller were still, when
                                   they received the aircraft, a registered company, and Masling wished to avoid the public at large
                                   assuming that the aircraft was still owned and operated by MMA!