VH-MUY  Victa Airtourer 100                           (c/n  140)


                                     By the time Geoff Goodall got to see this aircraft for the first time at Jandakot in February of
                                     1976, it was already ten years old and had shed its standard Victa livery for this dreadful khaki/
                                     yellow scheme.   Now, as if to rebuke me on my comments re owners NOT repainting their
                                     Airtourers in the original livery (see the narrative on VH-MUX) comes the shot below from
                                     the George Canciani collection showing the same bird at Mangalore, Victoria in 1989 in, (guess
                                     what?) a reasonable facsimile of a Victa paint job!   (Some vindication to my remark, however,
                                     since this is still a long way from "standard").    VH-MUY is still currently registered in Victoria.