VH-MPT  (1)   Callair A-9B Quail                           (c/n 1318)


                                     The model A-9B had a different hopper and engine to the A-9A.  Due to US certification problems
                                     the owners were told that they had to convert it to A-9A standard  before certification in Australia
                                     could be given.  Despite this it was flown unconverted and without DoT approval which resulted in
                                     legal action by the Department.   The above image is from a Roger McDonald slide taken outside the
                                     Agricultural Aviation hangar at Jandakot in September 1974 whilst the aircraft was in this 'limbo' state,
                                     awaiting conversion.    This occurred sometime in mid-1979 although by then the rego VH-MPT had
                                     been reallocated to a Beech A36.         c/n 1318, therefore was re-registered VH-MPU (as a A-9A).