VH-MOJ  AESL Airtourer 115                                           (c/n  514)


                                       VH-MOJ, along with sister ship VH-MOI (c/n 515) were the first New Zealand-built Airtourers
                                       shipped to Australia after production rights were sold by Victa to AESL.  Both aircraft were initially
                                       demonstrated under trade plates as VH-FGY and FGZ respectively.  The latter was sold first and
                                       became –MOI in February 1969.    –MOJ followed in May 1969 when it was sold to the Latrobe
                                       Valley Aero Club at Morwell.    Both Airtourers were later modified:  –MOJ as an Airtourer 115 A1
                                       with a 150hp Lycoming O-320 engine and –MOJ as an Airtourer 115 A2..  . What this 1976 mod-
                                       ification was is unclear but  –MOJ is sometimes cited as the first 150hp Airtourer      . That honour
                                       actually went to a new build, c/n 519, in 1968 but –MOJ  might have been the first 150hp conversion.
                                       If it was converted, then it was converted back to the original engine.    When David Carter photo-
                                       graphed it at Schofields aerodrome in November 1985 it appeared to have a Lycoming O-235.
                                       The October 2016 register confirmed it was fitted with an O-235.       Reregistered VH-WLK in
                                       February 1996, it was based near Leeton, NSW