VH-MJB  Auster J/2 Arrow                        (c/n  2388)

                                            This photos above and the one immediately below were taken by Greg Banfield at Luskintyre,
                                            NSW in May 1986, just after -MJB had been restored.   The long range shot at the foot of the
                                            page is from the Richard Rudd collection and shows the Arrow departing Hobart's Cambridge
                                           Airport, date unknown.   Richard now owns the aircraft and it is currently on the RAA register
                                           as 24-4566.     It was the former VH-KAC whose CofA lapsed in 1966 and was not restored
                                           until 1986, reappearing as VH-MJB, registered to M. Duff of  Launceston.      Early in the new
                                           millennium it was acquired by E.C. von Nida of Cairns, N.Q.  It was then cancelled by CASA
                                           on 24 April 2006 as "no entitled person (CAR13N)"    .  Richard acquired it from the Ted von
                                           Nida estate.  See VH-KAC for more details and a shot of it as 24-4566..