VH-MIN  Douglas DC-3CS1C3G                    (c/n  13459)


                                 This DC-3 has had a long and varied career, and has probably been registered to more different
                                 owners than any other aircraft in Oz!  Ex RAF Dakota III KG647, it was leased for a couple of
                                 months in 1946 to BOAC as G-AIAZ.    In September 1946 it was sold to John Fairfax & Son
                                 Pty Ltd as VH-SMI to be used to deliver Sydney Morning Herald  newspapers to outlying NSW
                                 towns.  Withdrawn from this operation in 1952 it was later sold to the Commonwealth Government
                                 Bureau of Mineral Resources in 1953 and re-registered VH-MIN in December 1954.     I saw it
                                 at Essendon above, immediately after it appeared from DCA's maintenance hangar with its new
                                 registration.    Immediately below is a color shot by Neil Follett at Whyalla, SA  in 1965.  Note
                                 aerial magnetometer fitted on the tail. . It did extensive survey work in Tasmania, Broken Hill
                                 and the Mt. Isa-Cloncurry areas.   Withdrawn from Commonwealth use in 1972 it was advertised
                                 for sale by tender. Various deals seemed to fall through, although it was registered to Gulf Enterprises
                                 of New Guinea and Helicopter Utilities (later to become Airfast), before going to Connair in August
                                 1974.  It is seen below (photo no 3) in Connair's image by Danny Tanner Essendon in June 1980
                                 In 1981 -MIN was sold to Northern Airlines in Alice Springs although shortly thereafter went to
                                 Setair.  Sold again and registered to Rebel Air Pty Ltd of Sydney it is seen in photo no 4 below at
                                 Richmond, NSW by Barry Maclean      In 1984 it was canelled from the VH- register when regis-
                                 tered to the San Wee Company             It then underwent a major airframe inspection and sold to
                                 D. Johnstone of Colbinra Transport Company  who used it for tourist flights and VIP charters.
                                 In 1994 it was sold to South Pacific Airmotive as seen in Peter Hough's photo (no 5).  Finally in
                                 2004 it was sold to Dakota National Air t/a Discover Air.       Ian McDonnell saw it at Bankstown                              
                                 in 2007 sans engines (foot of the page).  Ian advises (2015) that it has become one of several
                                 Dakotas to end up at a farm strip in Larras Lee NSW, its final fate being unknown.