VH-KFF Auster J/4 Archer Special                              (c/n  2361)


                                      This was the former Auster J/2 Arrow G-AIJU.  It was exported to Australia in 1950 and became
                                      VH-BNQ.  It crashed at Mt. Perry Queensland on 26 March 1951 when it hit a tree while taking
                                      off.  It apparently languished until it was restored in 1958 as a J/4 Archer Special, with a 90 hp
                                      Cirrus Minor 2A power plant.  This restoration also resulted in the machine initially being designated
                                      (by KSAS) as a J/4T, the "T" standing for tricycle undercarriage.  DCA (at the time) would have none
                                      of that, however, and so it was re-converted back to a taildragger.  It was re-registered VH-CGF in
                                      1962 but reverted to VH-BNQ again in 1992.   Brian Baker took this shot at Bankstown in 1962.