VH-KFA  (1)  DHC-1 Chipmunk T.10                   (c/n  C1-0534)

                                      This shot of the first Kingsford Smith Flying School Chipmunk was taken at Cootamundra, NSW
                                      in March 1962 by Bob Neate (via the Geoff Goodall collection).   Although civilianized in 1956 it
                                      appears to have either languished in the hands of W.S. Shackleton in the UK (the brokers) or
                                      Kingsford Smith Aviation in Australia until registered as VH-KFA in May of 1959. In August 1962
                                      it was re-registered VH-DCE although still owned by the KSFS.   It was then sold to private owners
                                      and became VH-GCE in August 1964.   It was shipped from Sydney in April 1973 (along with the
                                      Spraymaster VH-GEB and a Sundowner, VH-CXZ) to the USA to become N13DW.