VH-KAM  (2)  de Havilland (Riley) D.H.114 Heron 2D            (c/n  14123)


                                    Although not flown by Connellan Airways/Connair, this Heron was purchased by them from
                                    Air Pacific (formerly Fiji Airways' VQ-FAF; DQ-FAF) in 1975 and ferried to Alice Springs
                                    for Riley Heron conversion with Lycomings.     In the meantime it was sold to Kendell Airlines
                                    at Wagga and registered to them as VH-KAM on 16 Dec 1975.  Chris O'Neill's photo (above)
                                    was taken at Kendell's Wagga, NSW HQ in 1978.    Like VH-CLV it later went to Davey Air
                                    Services of Dubbo, NSW.  Chris's shot below shows it at Sydney in December 1980, just after
                                    being acquired by Davey for its third level local services in NSW.     In the 70s and 80s there
                                    must have been some sort of love affair or mutual attraction between Herons and the South Sea
                                    Islands for in 1985 -KAM found itself in operating in that region again, this time for Tongair out
                                    of Tonga.    Just why it wasn't re-registered into the A3- series is not clear, although possibly the
                                    lease was short one. .  Anyway, Tony Arbon took a shot of it at Sydney in July 1985 as seen in
                                    picture # 3.    Finally, in their quest for Riley Herons, Airlines of Tasmania acquired it in 1986
                                    and Roger MacDonald caught it at Essendon in March of that year (image # 4 below).  It is now
                                    retired and exhibited at the Queensland Air Museum in Caloundra
                                    (All photos in this entry via the Geoff Goodall collection)