VH-KAC (1)  Auster J/1B Aiglet                             (c/n  2643)


                                     The only shot of this Aiglet I have been able to glean is this magazine advertise-
                                     ment from the early 1950s, from the Roger McDonald collection.   The Auster
                                     was registered in July 1950.         When built it was slated to go to Belgium as
                                     OO-AXC., but this was not taken up and it was shipped to KSAS in Sydney
                                     instead.  In January 1956 it was registered as VH-SAC , and in August 1959,
                                     as VH-MJA,  It was withdrawn from use in February 1964, only to be restored
                                     some five years later as VH-SJR.  As can be seen by the links I have been
                                     more successful with latter day images.   As -MJR it was current until the early
                                     new millennium, but is no longer on the register.