VH-INB   Dougls DC-3CG202A      'Croana'                                 (c/n  9285)                    


                                             These photographs are from the Peter Gates collection.   Formerly a Douglas C-47A-20-DL
                                             (42-23423), this aircraft became one of the first RAAF Dakotas, being A65-5 (call sign
                                             VHCTE).  It spent much of its civilian life in routes emanating from Adelaide, and in 1958
                                             was sold to Guinea Airways.  In 1958 Guinea decided to reregister all its aircraft, and
                                             VH-INB became VH-GAL.    However, just over a year later, in January 1960, it was back
                                             as VH-INB when ATA's Airlines of South Australia began operations. .  In its final days
                                             it did a stint with Airlines of NSW and then reverted to the parent, Ansett-ANA, in whose
                                             livery Peter Gates' second image, below, it is illustrated.  VH-INB was finally broken up
                                             at Essendon in 1967.   Greg Banfield's shot, at the foot of the page, shows -INB with
                                             Airlines of N.S.W.at Mascot in 1964.