VH-INA    Douglas DC-3CG202A     'Pengana'                               (c/n  12252)


                                              Photograph from Gus Grulke collection, via Peter Gates.  Archerfield, Brisbane, late 1940s.                                    

                                              This aircraft was built as a C-47A-5-DK (42-92450) which went to the RAAF as A65-35 with
                                              the war time call sign VHCUI.   It was civilianized and allocated to Australian National Airways
                                              in 1947.  Ten years later it was reregistered VH-INI since DCA had a concern that the markings
                                              VH-INA conflicted with the then Radio Call-Sign/Q-Code Rules.  After the rules were liberalized
                                              somewhat, the company re-allocated VH-INA to a DC-6B, but not until 1964.