VH-IDI  DHC-2 Beaver 1                                    (c/n 1535)


                                       VH-IDI was a new Beaver when delivered to Super Spread in 1963.    Geoff Goodall's shot
                                       was taken at Parafield, Adelaide in May 1964.  It remained with Leafair (parent company of
                                       Super Spread) until 1997 and then went to Addenbrook Marine Pty Ltd dba Sydney Harbour
                                       Seaplanes as VH-NOO operating out of the old QANTAS Flying Boat Base at Rose Bay.
                                       Greg Banfield's two shots (below) illustrate -IDI in two livery variations (although still, I believe,
                                       while on the asset register of Leafair).  Both were at Bankstown, the upper view being taken in
                                       August 1976 and the lower in May of 1984.  Color representations of these may be seen on
                                       Neil Aird's website at   http://www.dhc-2.com/id451.htm